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Find The Best Natural Stone Shop For Sale In The UK

At The Stone Gallery, we're proud to provide our customers with the best natural stone flooring in Camberley to compliment all homes right across the UK. Our natural stone shop holds a great range of stock to choose from which is suitable for all home renovations or new building areas.

At The Stone Gallery, we understand the importance of supplying only the very best natural stone for sale, and that's why our stone shop specialises in flagstone tiles, and other decorative stone products that everyone will love. We take pride in supplying our customers with quality, reliable and affordable natural stone flooring and tiles in Camberley and nationwide to ensure all homes are fitted with timeless beauty for years to come.

Whether you're renovating your kitchen, outdoor areas, or high traffic areas within the home, you can be sure The Stone Gallery has all the natural stone flooring solutions to meet your needs and satisfaction time and time again. 

See The Best Flagstone Tiles Range In The UK At The Stone Gallery

At The Stone Gallery, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best flagstone tiles available to all our customers. Our stone shop offers a great range of natural stone flooring in Camberley which is capable of handling lightweight to heavy foot traffic time and time again. Our range of flagstone comes available in multiple different colours and patterns to choose from which can really enhance your overall home with ease.

Naturally made, all flagstone tiles in Camberley here at our stone shop are one hundred percent natural and feature a complimentary finish when installed which promotes beauty, class, manageability, sophistication and style all in one.

At The Stone Gallery, we believe in offering natural stone for sale at affordable prices so everyone can enjoy the beauty of flagstone tiles. If you would like more information about our range of natural stone for sale or flagstone tiles, please don't hesitate to contact us today. 

External Porcelain 14mm Ceramic Tiles

External Porcelain 14mm

A unique and innovative product of superior quality, this porcelain tile has a thickness of 14mm that gives floors an incomparable compactness & resistance. This is unique and exclusive to us in the UK and at only 14mm thick this tile can be used inside and outside. Complemented by a range of 5mm Porcelain in coordinating colours and finishes.

Granite Ceramic Tiles


Granite is a popular choice when selecting natural tiles for your home due to it's durability and their natural light reflecting properties.

Limestone Ceramic Tiles


This range of Limestone has been selected because they are most suited to the classic and contemporary interiors of our discerning customers. The larger formats of these stones are typical of traditional flagstones creating a timeless interior and in some cases are suitable for external use enabling you to create the infinity look.

Marble Ceramic Tiles


The distinctive crystalline structure of marble allows it to be polished to a high gloss creating the distinguished classical look that complements every environment. Coming in a vast array of colours, with good strength it is ideal for use as a floor or wall covering.

Mosaic Ceramic Tiles


Pieces of ceramic, porcelain, glass, metal, stone or other materials mounted on a backing material to form a tile shape for ease of installation

Sandstone Ceramic Tiles


Sandstone is a coarse grained sedimentary rock formed by compressed sand deposited by water or wind. Available in a Riven finish which is characterised by its granular, undulating surface, or a silky smooth, Honed finish with some variation in texture and edge chipping. Sandstone is a hard yet very porous stone that, if being sealed, requires thorough impregnation with suitable sealants. Sandstone in its large flag format is a well established and extremely popular external choice.

Slate Ceramic Tiles


Slate is very hard wearing making it suitable for all applications whether internal or external.

Travertine Ceramic Tiles


At The Stone Gallery our honed and filled travertine tiles offer the ultimate in modern convenience without compromising on the quality or finish.

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