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Quirky, Unique, Beautiful: Why we Love Natural Stone

Part of the beauty of natural stone is the fact that each and every tile is ever so slightly different. The uniqueness and quirkiness of each tile just adds to their beauty. Here's what you need to know about stone tiles, and why we love natural stone in all of its quirky, unique, beautiful glory:


Beautiful Natural Stone

Samples should be used as a guide, not a guarantee

As stone tiles are so unique, it does mean that any two tiles will not be quite the same. This does add to their rustic charm, but it can make it difficult to colour match with the rest of your interior decor scheme.

Therefore, if you pick up samples of various stone tiles they should be used as a guideline rather than a guarantee of colour. In any given batch of tiles you may find there is a wide variation in colours and it's therefore a good idea to look at an array of tiles from the same consignment to make sure they fit your requirements.


Chic and unique

With stone tiles, you really should expect the unexpected - which is part of their beauty. If you covet the attractive stone flooring you've seen at a friend's house or elsewhere, and decide to install stone flooring yourself, don't expect your floor to look the same as the one you're trying to emulate - even if you use the same type of natural stone.

This is partly due to the various finishes available - for example, travertine stone tiles are available in tumbled, polished and honed finishes, so you need to know what type of effect you're looking for - but more importantly, natural stone has many different looks due to natural and geological variations in colour, markings and textures.

Depending on the type of stone tile you choose, you may also find the tiles are slightly irregular in shape. This doesn't mean the tiles aren't high quality, however; it just means you should speak to your stone supplier before committing to a type of natural stone which doesn't suit your needs or the look you're trying to create.

Blending and creating a professional look

Because of the natural variations in stone tiles it is strongly recommended you blend your natural stone before installation. This means combining the tiles in such a way that the natural colour and texture variations are highlighted to their best advantage.

If you use a professional tiler, they should be aware this technique will give the best finish, but it's worth reminding them, and similarly if you're installing stone tiles yourself it's wise to observe this practice.

It does take some forward planning, but the overall finish will be much more professional and appealing than if you lay the tiles without any forethought.

The Stone Gallery: for all of your quirky, unique, beautiful natural stone needs

If you're sold on the idea of the beauty of natural stone, your first port of call should be the Stone Gallery, in Camberley, Surrey. Our showroom has an array of beautiful stone tiles to choose from, and you'll see that each tile is unique, but also beautiful.

We can also help with other interior design needs, as the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, suppliers of beautiful ceramic, porcelain and limestone tiles, and Park Street Interiors, who can help with bespoke bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms, are also located within the Art of Living triangle.

Come and see the beauty of natural stone for yourself - and fall in love with its quirky nature.

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