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Natural stone - the natural choice for the garden

As the weather begins to take a turn for the better, we start to get our gardens ready for the summer. Over the past 10 years or so, decking has become a mainstay of the garden makeover, but with everything that becomes fashionable, the old guard begins to fight back and natural stone is enjoying a resurgence.

The timeless elegance of natural stone is grabbing everyone's attention once again, as people look for something that their neighbours, their friends and their family do not have in their garden!

Although the cost of natural stone has dropped recently, it is still a relatively expensive choice. However, anyone who is looking to install a stone patio rather than decking, needs to think about longevity and the maintenance savings that will be made.


Natural stone

Durability and maintenance

Natural stone is one of the most durable products around, lasting much longer than decking, as before it becomes a mainstay in your garden, it will have remained underground in its formation for many years already.

Whenever we talk about natural stone, we always mention the ease of maintenance argument. Using stone in a garden does not require a sealer or constant staining like decking, just a jet wash every so often.

It is also a material that is extremely resilient to harsh weather conditions, so it's already easy to see why it is enjoying renewed popularity.


Create a unique natural stone design

The versatility of natural stone means that once it has been quarried it can be cut to many different shapes and sizes. Whether it is being used for a small courtyard, or an area in sprawling acres, it does give the opportunity to create a truly one off space.

No matter what type of natural stone you choose, it will continually change and weather with age, adding to the uniqueness of the garden area.

Indoor/outdoor rooms

The way that we use our homes is constantly changing and having an indoor/outdoor room that is created by installing bi-folding doors has become top of many people's wish lists.

Natural stone, in particular limestone, as it is suitable for interior and exterior use, can be the perfect choice to successfully create a seamless connection between an indoor and outdoor area.

What natural stone to choose?

The choices of different types of natural stone are endless, but if you want to go for a contemporary look, Indian sandstones and Granite work best as they have a clean and smooth finish, whereas York stone and crazy paving can add to the character of period properties.

The Stone Gallery can help replace your decking with natural stone

If you are looking at replacing old decking, or creating a new patio area, find out more about natural stone by speaking to the Stone Gallery.

To update the interior of your home as well as the exterior, then the Art of Living Group, which also incorporates the Ceramic Tile Warehouse and Park Street Interiors, can help with inspiration.

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