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Create an indoor outdoor room with stone flooring

The way that we use our homes is forever changing. Having separate rooms that all have different purposes is not what everyone is looking for now. Open plan living that creates one large space out of smaller rooms has been growing in popularity over the past decade and that has now moved on a stage further to incorporate the garden.

If this is a look that you want to try in your home, then you can't go wrong with stone flooring to bring cohesion to the design.


Stone Flooring

What is an indoor outdoor room?

An indoor outdoor room is just that! It can be two separate spaces, but with some clever design, it will become one room.

The most successful indoor outdoor rooms blur the lines between where your inside space finishes and your garden starts and stone flooring is a great way of achieving the look. Typically this is achieved by installing large folding doors that, in effect, remove a whole wall so that your garden becomes part of the room.

The style is a highly contemporary look that works best when combined with open plan living.


What stone flooring works best?

Stone flooring is perhaps the only material can be used to successfully create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

However, not all natural stone is suited to use outside as some can crack and fade in harsh weather conditions and others have polished finishes, which become extremely slippery when wet.

Slate is perfect to use to create the indoor outdoor look, as it is naturally slip resistant, and is also relatively low in price, so is a great budget stone flooring choice. Limestone is also a good option as it is very hardwearing, and also has the benefit of coming in varying colours to add to the natural feel. Additionally, as Sandstone weathers very well, it can be used inside and outside.

Looking after indoor outdoor stone flooring

Remember, you will need to care for the interior stone flooring and exterior stone flooring slightly differently.

Natural stone is porous and spillages will be absorbed, so your interior stone flooring should have the correct sealant used when it is laid, then reapplied every couple of years. Also avoid using cleaning products that contain vinegars or acids, an all-purpose cleaning solution should do the trick.

The exterior part of your stone flooring won't need to be sealed, just a regular sweep and clean should prevent stains causing problems, such as from moss and algae. To clean it we would recommend a pressure wash every now and then, adding some bleach to particularly stubborn areas.

Get the perfect stone flooring from the Stone Gallery

For more advice on using natural stone to create an indoor outdoor room, speak to the team at the Stone Gallery. As well as offering a wide range of stone flooring in an array of colours and finishes, the Stone Gallery is part of the Art of Living Group, which also includes the Ceramic Tile Warehouse and Park Street Interiors. All based in a triangle in Camberley, the group is on hand to add inspiration to your design ideas.

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