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Contemporary Interior Design Ideas using a Material as Old as Time

Natural stone has been used as a building material for hundreds of years. Still today it is in popular demand when it comes to interior design, and it has the reputation of bringing a timeless, classic look to any home. This doesn't mean however that stone tiles can't be used in a contemporary fashion. Here's how to bring the modern touch to interior decor while still using the traditional beauty of natural stone:

Natural stone luxury

Anything with a luxurious feel is instantly modern. Honed stone flooring is one of the most luxurious types of stone tile available, and will instantly add a contemporary feel to any space. How about using a honed and filled marble or travertine on the floors of your living area? Such stone tiles instantly add warmth to any space and create a calm and peaceful sophistication.


Interior Design Ideas

Contemporary design

Stone tiles don't have to be plain and simple; bespoke custom cut tiles are available in natural stone which are designed to a certain pattern, for example, geometric shapes or monochrome patterns.

Although bespoke stone tiles may be beyond your budget, you can create a similar look using monochrome plain black and white tiles laid in a particular pattern. There's plenty of inspiration from plain rows of black and white to those installed in geometric designs.


Rustic modernity

Rustic and rugged aren't usually two words associated with contemporary design, but actually, as the natural look is so on trend at the moment, using antique looking stone tiles in their more natural format, the look can be fashioned in a modern way.

Stacked strip stone tiles are a great way of achieving this look, especially when clad around a fireplace, perhaps with a wood-burning stove underneath. The look is classic, but still contemporary.

Add a touch of contemporary natural stone to your home with help from the Art of Living

Adding luxury and a modern finish to your home is easy with natural stone. The Stone Gallery is happy to help you achieve this feel and our advisors will be able to tell you how to work this look to its best advantage.

Other contemporary finishes can be achieved too via our colleagues at the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, stockists of over one million in-stock tiles at any given time, and Park Street Interiors, suppliers of fabulous kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. The contemporary finish is easy to achieve at the Art of Living – just ask for more inspiration.

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