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Limestone is a natural stone but made of what?

Being a natural stone, limestone tiling adds a rustic, authentic and luxurious appeal to any home.

Comprising minerals aragonite and calcite, limestone is a sedimentary rock that usually forms on the shallow floors of the tropical seas when sand, seashells and other marine organisms are compacted together to create this unique natural stone.

Limestone is a widely available natural stone making up 10% of all sedimentary rock in the world which is why it is such a popular building material and a perfect tiling option, suitable for both flooring and walling throughout the home.

What makes limestone a natural stone of beauty, is its chemical composition, creating a mesh of colours throughout the rock surface giving it an attractive and intriguing appeal.


Natural stone

Limestone is a natural stone that offers timeless qualities

Limestone has been used for centuries and was a natural stone used to build the ancient Great Pyramid of Giza, giving it an intriguing historical context. Speculating the age and origin of limestone tiles such as the Tudor Gold Historical range, cut from a natural stone millions of years old and transported from the ocean bed, creates an interesting talking point with guests and adds an element of mystic and wonder to a property.


For a more affordable natural stone, limestone doesn't compromise on appearance

Limestone is one of the least expensive of the natural stone alternatives such as marble or granite and although it costs more than ceramic or porcelain tiles, this quality natural stone gives an old world feel to a room like no other. A relatively softer natural stone, limestone is better suited to low traffic areas in order to avoid chipping and breakage and it requires care and attention for its long-term preservation. Being a natural stone, the limestone tile is porous so when used for flooring, periodical sealing is recommended in order to counteract staining and discolouring, especially when laid in a kitchen or bathroom.

Limestone - a natural stone adding value to your property

The Burghley Cream Vintage is a limestone tile range that not only brings sophistication and elegance to a home but also adds value to the price of the property. This increasing popular natural stone is rated for its authenticity, durability and style.

As limestone is a natural stone, it transfers heat effectively and is one of the most thermally conductive of all tile options making it a good choice for underfloor heating, keeping your home both sophisticated and cosy during winter months.

The Stone Gallery is dedicated to selling natural stone flooring and stone tiles. Every member of staff is passionate about our products and their high level of expertise guarantees first class service.

At the Stone Gallery we offer beautiful natural stone options and alongside limestone we offer marble and slate natural stone alternatives. Each material brings its own distinctive quality to a natural stone wall or flooring area.

We hope that our beautiful products will inspire you to create natural stone features for your home and we look forward to meeting you in our showroom, or taking your call on 01276 691 501.

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