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How Easy is it to Maintain Natural Stone?

There's no denying that natural stone is beautiful. So why then do so many people shy away from using stone tiles in their home? The answer is often that homeowners are frightened of the perceived maintenance required. However, the good news is that taking care of your natural stone is easy!


Natural Stone Tiles

Choose your Stone Wisely

First things first: when it comes to caring for stone tiles or stone flooring, it's important to pick a stone which is right for you.

If you're worried about caring for natural stone, then travertine is probably the best stone you can opt for. It's hardwearing and once it has been sealed with a high quality sealant, it is extremely durable and easy to look after.

Otherwise, granite is a very hard stone, which makes it ideal for flooring with little maintenance after sealing, and slate is extremely water resistant, and so poses less staining challenges.


Easy Maintenance Tips

There are, of course, some simple things you can do to keep your natural stone well maintained. Sealing stone tiles is a must, particularly when it comes to stone flooring, as it acts as a repellent to some extent against spillages.

Other tips for maintaining natural stone are as simple as using coasters on stone countertops and choosing cleaning products specifically designed for stone tiles. If you're going to use a vacuum cleaner on stone flooring, make sure that any metal or plastic attachments, and wheels, are not worn, as these can scratch stone tiles.

Professional Maintenance Advice

Professionals will tell you that one of the best ways of cleaning natural stone is to dry mop or dry dust stone tiles rather than using a damp cloth or mop, as this will be less abrasive.

If your natural stone is in a high traffic area, then you may want to get it professionally polished every now and again to keep it looking its best.

Worried about Caring for Natural Stone? Let the Stone Gallery Show you Otherwise!

If you're still undecided as to whether natural stone is for you, then a visit to the Stone Gallery might just sway you towards stone tiles. Apart from the fact that our showroom showcases the beauty of natural stone, our team will be able to demonstrate that looking after stone tiles is easier than you think.

If you'd like other interior decor advice, the teams at the Ceramic Tile Warehouse and Park Street Interiors will be happy to help. The Art of Living group knows how important it is that your home looks its best, and so maintenance is one of our top priorities. The Art of Living will help you make that maintenance simple.

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