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Mix it up: Combining Natural Stone with other Materials to Maximum Effect

Mixing materials within home decor makes for an eclectic, interesting look. You shouldn't be afraid to mix styles or materials, as it can make your house feel more homely, but if you are a little worried, using natural stone with other materials is a great place to start.  Natural stone is flexible enough to be mixed with all sorts of building materials, including, but not limited to, wood, glass, brick, and, of course, other types of tile. The sky's the limit, so let your imagination, and stone tiles, run wild!


Natural Stone Flooring

Natural stone and: wood

Stone tiles and timber are natural partners.  A stately effect can be created, for example, when adding a polished wooden border to stone flooring; a wooden and natural stone combination floor looks particularly good, for example, in a hallway where a grand entrance is needed.  Timber and natural stone also work well in kitchen countertops, especially if you are looking to create a traditional, country-kitchen feel by using stone tiles within a wooden frame, and also looks great in vintage inspired fireplaces.  For a contemporary kitchen look, why not install one entire worktop in real timber, and another in an expanse of natural stone, butted up against one another?  As they are both natural products, it's easy to mix and match colours, tones and finishes, after all.


Natural stone and: glass

With the trend towards mosaic tiles not losing momentum, an interesting twist on the look is to mix mosaics of glass and natural stone.  Specially designed mixed glass and marble mosaic tiles can be easily purchased, and give any bathroom or kitchen a touch of both luxury and contemporary design.  Choose from a range of colours, from warm browns, through to smart black, and even a mixture of earthy, neutral tones with a slight patina.

Natural stone and: ceramic and porcelain

If you're on a budget, an easy way to bring a hint of natural stone luxury to your interior decor projects is to use a mixture of tiles.  For example, if you're tiling your entire bathroom, you may wish to use stone tiles in certain areas where it will not be so easily affected by water to aid easy maintenance, or perhaps just add smaller stone tiles as a border to bigger porcelain or ceramic tiles.  Alternatively, you could install extremely durable travertine stone flooring in a kitchen or bathroom, but use a different set of tiles on the walls.  Whichever way, the beauty of natural stone works easily with other types of tiles.

Natural stone and: brick

For exterior projects and places where exposed brick works well, a combination of natural stone and rustic brick is an interesting, homely look.  You could install a brick BBQ in your garden, for example, finished with natural stone slabs or stone tiles.  Alternatively, if you're lucky enough to have a large open fireplace, why not complete the surround with natural stone tiles?  Just imagine curling up in front of the most beautiful fire on those cold winter evenings!

Want to mix it up? Visit the Art of Living!

With the help of the Art of Living group, you really can mix it up: with every type of natural stone you could possibly desire at the Stone Gallery, you'll be able to purchase your stone tiles before moving on to over one million in-stock tiles at the Ceramic Tile Warehouse.  Not forgetting, of course, beautiful bespoke kitchens and bathrooms from Park Street Interiors!  We're all located in the same business park, so once you've decided to mix and match your natural stone, make sure the Stone Gallery, and its partner companies, are your first port of call.

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