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Why Choose Natural Stone Cladding?

Having been somewhat cast aside as dowdy and outdated a few years back, stone cladding is now firmly making its come back.  We're not talking old fashioned crazy-paving-type stone cladding of course, but rather modern day strip stacking and rectangular, but still slightly irregular, thin stone tiles and veneers; these types of tile are increasingly being used to bring a touch of natural stone beauty to our homes.  There are plenty of imitation tiles on the market, but in order to stop your renovation looking inauthentic and risking that 1970's crazy paving look, it's always best to use natural stone.  Here's why:


Floor Tiles


As with any type of natural stone, be it stone wall tiles, stone flooring or stone cladding, the beauty of the material is in its appearance.  Each stone tile is unique, with the colour and imperfections varying from tile to tile but adding to its beauty.  This can only be replicated with artificial stone at great cost, so if cost is a consideration, you will find that it's often just as cost effective to buy real stone tiles as it is to buy imitation tiles.  What's more, as stone cladding is often used as a focal point within a room, for example, surrounding a fireplace or as a feature wall, you shouldn't compromise on its appearance as it will create character and a talking point.



Many people think that if they are just choosing stone cladding, rather than stone flooring, for example, durability doesn't matter. Apart from the aforementioned aspect of the stone being a feature within the room, and therefore quality being important to the overall look you're trying to create, remember that natural stone is a very durable material which is more resistant to chipping and breaking. This is important, for example, if surrounding a fireplace, as the stone will often be touched or knelt upon when starting a fire or fuelling a wood burner.


Just as with normal stone tiles, one of the great aspects of natural stone cladding is the diversity of stone available. This means that you can pick a finish and style to suit the look you're trying to achieve. For example, travertine stone cladding is a versatile type of natural stone, which can be used both within the interior and exterior of your home to bring a natural, rustic appearance to a house. Marble cladding, by contrast, can be used to give a more polished look to a room. Whatever style you're after, natural stone will provide cladding to suit your needs.

The Art of Living: for all your natural stone needs

For natural stone cladding, and any other stone tile needs, you can't go wrong with a visit to the Stone Gallery.  Whether you're looking for stone cladding, stone flooring, or natural stone wall tiles, you'll find something to suit your taste.  What's more, for other tile needs, the Ceramic Tile Warehouse is on site, as is Park Street Interiors for any fitted kitchen, bedroom and bathroom units you may require, all being located within the Art of Living triangle. Modern stone cladding will be yours with a trip to the Stone Gallery.

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