Timeless Limestone: Classic Natural Stone Floor and Wall Tiles

Limestone tiles have been used for centuries to create stunning, durable stone flooring in hundreds of homes. It should come as no surprise therefore that their popularity continues in contemporary and traditional homes today, as the classic, time-honoured look they create truly has stood the test of time.

Today's homes can create countless looks using limestone stone tiles; our guide is just a small helping of inspiration to whet your appetite:


Natural Stone Floor

Infinite Style

One of the many great things about limestone tiles is the fact that they can be used both within the interior of the house and also outside as well. By using the same type of stone flooring throughout, both inside and out, a chic infinity look can be created, bringing the outside in and working extremely well with the likes of bi-fold doors as the effect is seamless and also helps to make rooms seem larger and more airy.


Honed to Perfection

You may think that limestone is a naturally pitted and marked type of stone, and whilst this can be the case, honed limestone stone tiles are also available which have a polished, smooth surface. The natural softness of these stone tiles means that honed limestone isn't great for high traffic areas such as hallways, but they do work very well elsewhere in the home, such as within a contemporary kitchen, and can be combined with honed limestone wall tiles to create a well-put-together, chic look.


Classically Rustic

If you do not want to go for a polished look, limestone stone flooring is also available in a more rustic look featuring, for example, veins, pits and even fossils. What's more, the earthy, natural tones of the tiles, which include creams, browns, greys and even deep reds, really add a classic, cosy, homely feel to this type of stone flooring, working well in older properties or for those looking to add character to a home.


Create Timeless Designs with Classic Limestone Stone Tiles

If you want to add a timeless touch to your home, limestone is a good choice of natural stone. The Stone Gallery, part of the Art of Living triangle, is at your disposal for stone tiles: we'll help you pick a limestone which is right for you and your home.

And once you've picked your limestone stone flooring, why not pop along to Park Street Interiors for beautiful kitchens and bathrooms, and the Ceramic Tile Warehouse for over 1000 in-stock tiles? The Art of Living group is able to help with all of your interior design needs: timeless limestone from The Stone Gallery is just the start of that.

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