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Care tips to prolong the life of your natural stone floor

A natural stone floor is a stunning investment in your home: it will last a lifetime, add instant character and improve with age.

Although a natural stone floor's good looks and durability are unquestioned, some simple maintenance tips can only enhance your natural stone floor's appeal and the pleasure that it will give every single day to your living space.

Whether you choose marble, slate, limestone or travertine for your natural stone floor, it's important to remember that each stone's particular combination of shades, tones and colours means that your floor is 'one of a kind' - so it really pays to look after it.

Natural stone

Our top tips to prolong the life of your natural stone floor

Professional Installation: Laying a natural stone floor is best tackled by an expert. They will have the knowledge and experience to ensure a level surface so that the floor can be walked on for generations, with no uneven areas or cracking in years to come.

Sealing: Your natural stone floor should be sealed at the installation stage. The sealant will cover the stone as well as the grouting with a protective layer which will help to prevent staining. The sealant is completely clear and won't change the colours in your natural stone floor; the floor's appearance and surface finish will also be unchanged. We stock a range of sealants and our staff will be pleased to offer advice.

Other benefits to sealing your natural stone floor

Sealing your floor is also of great benefit in rooms where hygiene is particularly important, including the kitchen and bathroom. In living areas, liquid spills are simply mopped up with a damp cloth or some paper towel.

Cleaning: Once your natural stone floor has been sealed, gentle cleaning will be all that's necessary. Sweep the floor with a soft broom and wash with a mop. Avoid strong cleaning materials that are acidic, contain bleach or harsh abrasives. It's also important to mop up any spills as soon as possible, using a blotting motion rather than rubbing the stone. We can advise on gentle yet effective cleaners for your natural stone floor.

Resealing your natural stone floor

Depending on the amount of traffic your natural stone floor is subjected to, it's wise to reseal it after an interval of some years and your installer will be able to advise on the correct timescale. The original sealant won't 'wear off', but it's beneficial to top up the sealant to give your natural stone floor the care and protection it deserves for a lifetime.

The Stone Gallery: natural stone flooring experts

The Stone Gallery is dedicated to selling natural stone flooring and stone tiles. Our highly-trained staff will be delighted to offer their expertise to ensure that every customer finds the right natural stone floor, whether the look is classical or contemporary.

The range of natural stone materials that we offer includes marble, slate, limestone and travertine as well as sandstone and basalt. These unique materials will add a sense of luxury to every home and we look forward to discussing your requirements with you.

Call in to our Camberley showroom to see our extensive range or call us on 01276 691 501.

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