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Natural Stone Flooring Options Explained

When deciding to install a natural stone floor, you need to choose stone tiles which will last a lifetime – stone flooring is an investment, and you should consider your options carefully.  However, with so many different types of natural stone available, in a range of colours and with a variety of properties, narrowing down a suitable tile can be a daunting task. There are plenty of stone flooring options available and it's important to know what will suit your needs best.


Natural Stone Flooring


Travertine stone tiles are one of the most widely used natural stones in today's building industry. The naturally occurring pits and troughs in travertine give the stone tiles a weathered and aged appearance which is so fashionable right now, and which, together with their warm, earthy tones, makes them rustic yet contemporary at the same time.  Travertine stone flooring is available in four major finishes: polished, honed, brushed and tumbled; these finishes determine how glossy the tiles are.  The most popular finish for residential properties is honed as this type of tile has a matte finish which still reflects light in the room.



Marble stone tiles have a good strength behind them, making them suitable for stone flooring.  It has been used as stone flooring for centuries, and is one of the most popular natural stone floor materials around the globe today.  It has a distinguished, upmarket look which creates a timeless, classic finish.  As marble is a porous natural stone, it should only be used in moderate traffic areas, as it will need regular sealing and dusting.  However, with the right type of maintenance, it is an elegant choice of stone flooring.


Slate is anextremely durable type of stone flooring.  This is especially important if you have young children or are planning on installing stone tiles in a high traffic area, or even externally.  It's also water resistant and resistant to heat and stains, so it's ideal for use in the kitchen.  It is a relatively cost effective option too if you're looking to install stone flooring on a reasonably modest budget.  Although there are not as many colour options available as with other types of natural stone, it gives a wonderfully contemporary feel to any space.


Perfect for both classic and contemporary interiors, limestone stone tiles are often available in large formats, which give a typically traditional and timeless flagstone feel.  Limestone stone flooring is available in a range of qualities and thicknesses, meaning that there should be a limestone tile to suit your taste and budget. Limestone is generally pale in colour, and can therefore open up dark spaces.

Still unsure of what type of stone flooring to go for?  Visit the Stone Gallery!

If you're still not sure what type of stone flooring will suit your lifestyle, budget and design ideas, visit the Stone Gallery.  Part of the Art of Living group, located within the Sampson Business Park, our friendly team of advisors will be on hand to talk you through the various options available for stone flooring.  You'll also be able to find other interior design ideas and advice at Park Street Interiors and the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, also part of the Art of Living triangle. Together, we'll take the daunting out of decorating.

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