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How to use Natural Stone in Your Garden

Natural stone is a substance which is often overlooked as a material for landscape gardening, but in actual fact, stone tiles are great for use in the garden. Natural stone, is, after all a natural product, and therefore looks stunning in the great outdoors.  If you'd like to incorporate stone tiles in your garden, or even bring the outside in to create a seamless look from your garden to your home's stone flooring, there are plenty of options for doing so.


Natural Stone

Where can I use natural stone in my garden?

Aside from the obvious use for stone tiles within a patio, there are lots of ways that natural stone can be used in the garden.  It can be used to zone your garden, creating smaller patio areas at regular intervals which will add interest. Slabs can be used to create quirky pathways, to border a fence or pond or as swimming pool surrounds, and stone tiles can work well around a water feature. You can even plant within natural stone! Patios needn't be boring either, as a natural stone which is suitable for both interior and exterior use can be used to flow into the house in the form of stone flooring, to create an infinity look.


What types of natural stone can be used in the garden?

There are various types of stone tiles that can be used externally. Slate is naturally slip resistant, even when it's wet, and it's also relatively low priced, so it's great for covering large areas, such as a patio. Limestone is a very hardwearing stone, which can often be used outdoors, offering colour variations between tiles to give a very natural feel.    Sandstone has a good resistance to weathering, and Travertine stone tiles are often used around swimming pools.

How should I maintain my external stone tiles?

Maintaining natural stone in the garden is essential, but it isn't difficult. When the stone tiles are installed, an impregnating paving sealant should be used, as this will help to stop unsightly algae from growing on the stones. If algae does set in, it isn't anything to particularly worry about, although it can make stone tiles slippery, and can be removed easily with a specialist outdoor natural stone cleaner or diluted household bleach. If you wish to use a pressure washer, it should be set to the gentlest setting. Once the stone tiles are clean, they should be allowed to dry fully in the sun before being resealed.

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