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Creative Ways to use Natural Stone

The beauty of natural stone is the fact that each tile is ever so slightly different: being a natural substance, every nuance, individuality and imperfection of the stone is a blessing, rather than a curse.  But if you're worried that stone tiles on their own will look uninspiring, there are lots of ways that natural stone can be used in a decorative fashion.  Here are just a few ideas to whet the appetite:


Natural Stone

Mosaic stone tiles

Mosaic tiles have been popular for quite some time now, and natural stone mosaic tiles are a great way of using natural stone in a decorative manner.  Mosaic tiles can be used to highlight certain sections of your tiling, for example, as a border or inlay to stone flooring, or as a kitchen splash back, and can also be used as a decorative tool in their own right – after all, mosaic tiles would traditionally have been used to create a pattern or picture, so don't be afraid to use mosaic stone tiles in this way; this looks particularly good when applied to exterior uses, with the likes of mosaic outdoor table tops, for example, being extremely fashionable right now.


Natural stone border tiles

A natural stone border is probably the most affordable way of using stone tiles in a decorative fashion. Stone flooring can be made complete with the addition of a border edging, and stone tiles can also be used as a border at the top edge of a tiled surface on a wall.  If you're unsure about using a bright colour, but would like to add a splash of vibrancy to your décor, multi-coloured or brightly hued natural stone borders are a great way of adding colour without going over the top. Natural stone borders also look great when used in fire surrounds and patios, as well for more traditional uses, such as kitchens, bathrooms and hallways.

Stone flooring inlays

Stone flooring can be jazzed up with the use of inlays. Inlays are stone tiles in a contrasting colour which are used to create a pattern or emblem within stone flooring.  This use of natural stone can give a very impressive feel to interior decor, and can look striking within a hallway, for example.  Rustic looks can also be created in this way by using contrasting cobble stones, or pebble stone tiles can create a very traditional, almost Mediterranean, look. Natural stone inlays can also work well within tiled kitchen countertops.

Looking for inspiration?  Look no further than the Art of Living!

These creative ideas for stone tiles are just a few suggestions to show that there are myriad decorating designs that can be created with natural stone.  If these have made you think about natural stone in a different way, why not visit The Stone Gallery, part of the Art of Living triangle, for more inspiration?

Our vast showroom will offer plenty of ideas for using natural stone creatively, and you'll also be able to see our stone tiles in all their glory, even before creativity comes into play. What's more, the Ceramic Tile Warehouse and Park Street Interiors are also located within the Art of Living group, in the Sampson Business Park, so there will be plenty of inspiration close at hand for your other interior design projects, too.

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