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Take inspiration from history for your natural stone interior decor

A natural stone floor or tiled wall is an impressive feature of any home, whether classic or contemporary in style. The choice of hues and variations in shading of natural stone provide a rich patina which can create a subtle background or make a bolder style statement.

The timeless qualities of natural stone

Natural stone has been used in interiors (and for exteriors) for centuries and its timeless qualities and classic appeal lend an air of luxury and grace. Natural stone is perfect for every room in the home as well as outside areas including patios and courtyards.

Some of history's most famous buildings can provide inspiration for your natural stone designs, whether you choose marble, slate or limestone.

Natural Stone

Tap into the rich history of natural stone

Due to its beauty, marble has been used for centuries in both architecture and sculpture. The Taj Mahal features marble extensively throughout both its interior and exterior, as does St Peter's Basilica, the Parthenon and many other spectacular monuments worldwide. Its beauty is simple, yet pristine and our range of floor and wall tiles will complement every home with their subtle shades of cream, beige and platinum. Frequently appearing in interior design magazines, marble's popularity shows no sign of waning.

Slate: durable natural stone

Slate is known for its durability and is the perfect flooring material for creating an uninterrupted flow, or 'infinity look' from the interior to the exterior of your home. Many of the great country houses feature slate floors and its air of tradition and practical non-slip qualities coupled with its durability make slate a perfect choice. Our range of Brazilian Black Slate tiles have a naturally lightly-riven surface which only adds to their appeal.

Limestone inspiration for your natural stone floor

Choosing limestone as a feature for your home is to tap into the history of a quintessentially English natural stone — and one which is showcased in some of our landmark buildings including the Houses of Parliament and St Paul's Cathedral.

The variation in hues makes limestone an ideal choice for interior decor: from creamy beiges and pale greys, honeyed tones through to rich gold, and russet to blue-black, there's a limestone tile to suit every decor and every home.

Natural stone and under floor heating: a perfect pairing

As well as its aesthetic appeal, a natural stone floor is the perfect partner for under floor heating. Natural stone is an effective heat conductor and pairing this material with under floor heating will create a beautifully inviting living space which is cool in summer and cosy in winter.

A natural stone floor, whether marble, slate or limestone is unique; variations in colour and shading mean that each and every stone is a 'one-off' — just one more reason to consider natural stone for your home.

The Stone Gallery: natural stone flooring experts

The Stone Gallery is dedicated to selling natural stone flooring and stone tiles. Our staff offer expertise and every customer is assured of our prompt attention.

At the Stone Gallery we offer beautiful natural stone flooring in a range of materials including sandstone and basalt, as well as marble, slate and limestone. These distinctive materials will enhance every home and we look forward to discussing your requirements with you.

Do call in to our showroom to see our extensive range of natural stone products or call us on 01276 691 501.

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