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Natural stone – an ancient material for the modern home

Not many of us are lucky enough to live in old stone castles or large traditional country manors, but just because your home is more modern and not brimming with traditional features, doesn't mean that natural stone will not be a great addition to your home.


Natural Stone

Adding character with natural stone

When watching the many number of property programmes on television, you always hear people saying they are looking for character in a property. If you live in a modern home, sometimes this is difficult to achieve without making it look like you are trying too hard.

As there are so many different types, styles and colours available, using natural stone is a great way of bringing a bit of individuality to any property, no matter whether it was built in the 15th or 21st century.


Where to use natural stone in a modern home

A natural stone floor in a kitchen or bathroom is something that will never be out of fashion and to opt for the contemporary look of a modern home, you can't go wrong with using large-scale stone floor tiles. This is a 'very now' look and will give the feeling of space.

Using stone tiles in a hallway is also a look that can fit very well in any age of property and, as natural stone is a material that is extremely easy to maintain, it is very practical for use in an area that has heavy footfall. Also, as the hallway is not necessarily the largest room in the home, it could mean that you can afford to go for a more expensive stone.

However, natural stone is not just a material to use inside to create character. What about creating a beautiful smooth stone patio, or installing a piece of contemporary artwork made out of natural stone to add a special something to your garden?

Best natural stone to use in a modern home

Slate will always be in fashion for the kitchen and looks great in any age of property. Limestone can give a designer look to your bathroom, and if you want to splash the cash, polished marble or granite will certainly add character and the wow factor to a hallway.

In the garden, smooth natural sandstone or granite with square edges will give you a space that you really want to show off!

Once you've chosen your natural stone, you then need to decide on a pattern to follow. So that your stone floor blends in with your modern home, we would suggest laying the stone in straight lines, in a brickwork pattern, with narrow joints for grouting. This will create a clean and crisp contemporary look.

The Stone Gallery has a vast array of natural stone options, so you will be able to find the perfect stone to fit your modern property. Whilst there, pay a visit to the Stone Gallery's Art of Living Group colleagues, Ceramic Tile Warehouse and Park Street Interiors, who will inspire you to add more character.

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