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Creative Natural Stone Mosaics

The trend for mosaic tiles has not bypassed the world of natural stone. Indeed, the whole idea of adding mosaics to an area is to create a focal point, and mosaic stone tiles are so full of character that they step this up a level.

Using mosaics is also an excellent way of bringing a touch of natural stone glamour to an interior decor scheme if your budget won't stretch to a full blown design of stone tiles or stone flooring. With this in mind, we've been thinking about some creative ways to use natural stone mosaics. Here are our favourites:


Natural Stone Mosaics

Quirky headboards and feature walls

'A headboard made of tiles?', you may wonder, but natural stone mosaics are designed to show off a certain feature, or attract the eye to a particular part of the room, and a feature wall made of mosaic stone tiles behind a bed will really create a talking point. OK, so it's not exactly 'a stone headboard' but the effect is dramatic, and looks particularly good in a country cottage or rustic property.

Natural stone feature walls look good in any part of the home - such as on one entire wall of the kitchen as a splash back, or surrounding a fireplace - and mosaics bring that little bit of extra interest. Try using split-face mosaics, such as travertine or slate, for added interest, or even micro mosaics, which will bring a wonderful texture to any surface.


Statement borders

Borders are the obvious choice for mosaic stone tiles. Natural stone border tiles are ideal if your budget won't stretch to the use of stone tiles for the whole scheme, but will still bring a hint of luxury to your home.

This doesn't mean that budget equals boring; far from it, a bold border will brighten up any room. How about using diamond shaped marble mosaic sheets in a scheme of black, beige and cream to create an encaustic feel on your walls? Or larger format multicoloured mosaics behind a shower panel to zone the bathing area?

Monochrome schemes also work well, as do less traditional 'chevron' shaped marble mosaics. There is certainly a large range of mosaic stone tiles to suit every budget, so whether you're looking for the finishing touches or a whole natural stone design, mosaics can be accommodated within your overall look.

Mosaic stone flooring

Stone flooring doesn't have to be about large format flagstone tiles if you don't want it to be; mosaic stone tiles work equally as well. For example, travertine with a filled and honed finish in a random pattern of irregular shapes and sizes makes for beautiful stone flooring in any hall, kitchen or even living room, and adds a touch of rural charm to any property.

Get creative with mosaics at the Art of Living!

The above ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to natural stone mosaics; if you've been inspired then the Stone Gallery will provide everything you need to add mosaic stone tiles to your home.

Come in and speak to our team of friendly advisers for more ideas, and while you're here, why not visit the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, for more tile inspiration, and Park Street Interiors for beautiful kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms? We're all part of the Art of Living group, located within the Sampson Business Park, and we'll all be happy to help you get creative with your interior decor!

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