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How to remove stains from natural stone

One of the many benefits of natural stone is that it can last a lifetime. From natural stone walls and floors in a bathroom, to garden patio areas and kitchen countertops, natural stone has grown in popularity and is now being used throughout the home.

However, as natural stone is mainly used in heavy usage areas, it is liable to staining. But, don't fret, as there are ways of removing all stains and marks.

Why does natural stone mark?

All forms of natural stone are porous, which means that liquids can mark it quite easily, and this is also why stains can be removed just as easily!


Natural stone stain removal

How to remove a stain

There are a number of different products on the market that are specifically for removing stains and marks from natural stone. These are widely available online and are increasingly being sold in supermarkets.

Natural stone does tend to react badly to acidic products, so make sure that your cleaning product is suitable.

Before you begin, we would always recommend testing a small area first to make sure that your stone won't be marked further. Then, wet the stained area, which will fill the pores and accelerate the removal of the stain.

You can then apply a liberal amount of the cleaning product; it is best to leave for a couple of hours, so that the solution can get deep into the stain. We would recommend not letting the stain remover to dry, so you may need to add a few drops of hot water every now and then.

It is then simply a case of wiping the natural stone with absorbent towels and rinsing it with water. For particularly stubborn stains, the process may need to be done more than once.


Can you prevent natural stone from staining?

The majority of natural stone will be prone to staining as it does absorb liquids and moisture. The less dense stones, such as limestone and sandstone, tend to be more susceptible, than maybe granite, so this could sway your choice when selecting your stone.

There is no definitive solution to stop natural stone from marking, but using a sealant, once it has been laid, is a good start. Sealants come in different varieties, which can enhance the colour and give it a gloss finish, as well as protecting it.

It is also good practice to wipe spillages as soon as they occur, so that the stone does not have time to absorb the liquid.

Ask the Stone Gallery for advice

The Stone Gallery is extremely passionate about natural stone. We have a wide variety of stone tiles and our knowledgeable and expert staff will be happy to give you advice if your stone is marked or stained.

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