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How to Make the Most of Natural Stone Tile Luxury in Your Bathroom

It probably hasn't escaped your notice that master bathrooms have been getting a makeover of late. Homeowners are increasingly looking to invest in their master and en-suite bathrooms, creating a sanctuary away from the strains of everyday life. One way of creating a soothing, spa-like atmosphere is by using natural stone to give your bathroom a luxurious feel.


Natural Stone Tile

Make the Most of your Bathroom Space

Large format stone tiles will make a small space – which most bathrooms traditionally are – appear bigger. Many stone flooring ranges come in large scale tile sizes, making them ideal for bathrooms. The look can be carried through from the stone flooring to the wall tiles to create a seamless feel to the room – calming and comforting.


Choose Durable, Lasting Materials Suitable for the Bathroom

Stone tiles are extremely hardwearing, and as bathrooms aren't cheap to makeover, stone flooring within a bathroom will last you a lifetime – no more future revamping of cheap floors required. Certain types of natural stone have a higher coefficient, or friction, rating than others, so bear this in mind when choosing safe slip-free stone flooring for the bathroom. There's a common misconception that natural stone shouldn't be used in high-moisture areas, but as long as you choose stone tiles with a low absorption rating, and seal the stone properly, you shouldn't be afraid of using natural stone within the bathroom.

Use Underfloor Heating for a Cosy Feel

If you're worried about natural stone being cold underfoot, there's an easy solution: underfloor heating. Not only will this take the chill out of the stone tiles, making stone flooring perfect for family bathrooms as well as master en-suites, it can also heat the room more efficiently, as underfloor heating eliminates cold spots traditionally associated with radiator heating – and on stepping out of the shower on cold, frosty winter mornings, underfloor heating combined with stone flooring can only be a good thing!

Add a Touch of Luxury

Natural stone has always been associated with luxury, and there's no better way of bringing that spa-like feel to your bathroom. By its sheer nature, natural stone has a decadent feel to it – its warm colours and its many fancy finishes help to create this luxurious look – and when combined with small, natural stone mosaic tiles and large expanses of stone flooring and wall tiles, the overall look is deliciously lavish, yet at the same time calming. Why not complete the look with a natural stone bathroom sink too, for the ultimate in luxury?

Make the Most of your Bathroom with the Art of Living

If your room is in need of a little TLC, take a trip to the Art of Living group for inspiration. Not only will you find the luxury of natural stone at The Stone Gallery, but Park Street Interiors will be able to help with your bathroom design, and the Ceramic Tile Warehouse can provide any additional tiles you may need. You'll be in bathroom heaven before you know it!

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