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Creating Interest: Multi-sized and Multi-Hued Natural Stone Floor Tiles

Many homeowners today are looking for ways to add a splash of personality and interest to their living spaces. One way of subtly doing this is by adding a twist to natural stone flooring: using a combination of multi-sized stone tiles and tiles of slightly different tones, you can create a truly unique floor. Here are some hints and tips for creating the perfect natural stone floor - with a bit of a difference:


Natural Stone Floor Tiles

Multi-Sized Stone Tiles

Multi-sized tiles of the same colour look great when laid in a repetitive pattern throughout a room. For example, small square tiles can be combined with large square tiles in a recurring pattern to give a floor a rustic, original look.

Alternatively, for a truly rustic look, small strips of rectangular, slightly irregular stone tiles in varying lengths can be laid in rows throughout a room to create interest.


Any type of multi-sized patterned design can look great, bringing stone flooring to life and making it more appealing to the eye, but this type of stone flooring does need some prior forethought. For example, it's important that you work out exactly how many tiles of each size you will need; it's a good idea to draw up a detailed diagram in advance so that you know exactly how and where each type of tile will be installed.


Multi-tonal stone flooring

One of the most beautiful aspects of natural stone is that it is exactly that: natural. This means that there can be some variation of colour and hue between each tile. Rather than detracting from its natural beauty, these variations should be considered an advantage; make sure when selecting your natural stone that you are shown a wide range of stone tiles in order to see the various tones which may naturally occur within them.

You may want to take the multi-tonal look a step further; for example, cream and biscuit-grey hued tiles look great together, so why not think about selecting stone tiles where various tones are available, and combining them to create a truly individual look?


The Stone Gallery: helping you to create your perfect design

For a huge range of natural stone, make a visit to The Stone Gallery, part of The Art of Living. The excellent range of natural stone available in our showroom will inspire you to create your own unique stone flooring look. What's more, help is at hand for your other tiling and interior design needs, in the form of The Ceramic Tile Warehouse and Park Street Interiors, both part of the Art of Living triangle. With plenty of inspiration in the same place, you'll be able to put your stamp on your home in no time.

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