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Adding value to your home with a natural stone floor

The last few years have seen uncertain economic conditions which have impacted on the housing market. Falling values and a level of market stagnation has meant that home owners have increasingly turned to upgrading their existing properties, adding significant value along the way. A natural stone floor is a wise investment — and there's every possibility that you won't want to move and leave it behind!

A natural stone floor will grace every home, from a rural cottage to a spacious urban dwelling. When considering upgrading your home to add value, flooring is often the forgotten option yet the addition of a natural stone floor will speak volumes to any potential buyer the moment they step across your threshold.


Natural Stone

Natural stone floors come with a host of benefits from practicality and durability to style, good looks and a statement of luxury. A natural stone floor has resilience and staying power, which translates into a higher return on your investment.

Natural stone floors are also very eco-conscious and this is another factor in adding value to your home. Buyers are increasingly aware of cost savings that can made with carefully thought-out options, from water systems to lighting and many other features. A natural stone floor, because of its low maintenance, long life and low manufacturing impact on the planet (compared to carpets or vinyl, for example), firmly ticks the additional value 'eco-aware' box.


As well as adding value to your home, it's important to remember the pleasure that a natural stone floor will give, whether in your kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere in your home. Add in the practical benefits of a low-maintenance floor that will shrug off muddy paw prints, as well as all manner of spills and splashes and it's easy to see that a natural stone floor adds value in more ways than the purely financial.

Our range of exceptional-quality natural stone floor tiles can cater to every taste and style. From the cool, polished elegance of a classic marble natural stone floor to the dramatic effects of slate, or perhaps limestone or travertine, a natural stone floor will effortlessly transform your living space, gather admiring glances and compliments.

Our Limestone collection in particular offers an outstanding range of tile formats and colours to create a natural stone floor which will seamlessly integrate the indoor with the outdoor, creating a sense of continual flow to augment your living space.

Whichever natural stone material you choose, you can be certain that your new natural stone floor will be a sound investment on every level.

Stunning natural stone floors from the experts at The Stone Gallery

The Stone Gallery is dedicated to selling natural stone flooring and stone tiles. Our team's expertise means that every customer will benefit from their knowledge and experience for a first class service.

At the Stone Gallery we offer simply beautiful natural stone flooring solutions. Each material brings its own distinctive qualities and we are confident that every customer will be able to enjoy the superior benefits of stone flooring in their home, in terms of luxury, style and increased market value.

We hope that our beautiful natural stone products will lend inspiration to your flooring design style. We look forward to meeting you in our showroom, or taking your call on 01276 691 501.

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