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Creative Trends in Stone Flooring

Stone flooring has always been a classic investment within the home. When thinking of stone flooring, the image which often springs to mind is that of traditional flagstone floors, but that doesn't have to be the case. You can get creative with stone tiles, and install stone flooring with beautiful finishes. It's time for classic natural stone flooring to get modern.


Stone Flooring

Pale and interesting

Neutral tones have been on trend for a few years now, and it's certainly true that pale colours make a room appear bigger. A beautiful, pale coloured natural stone floor can help to achieve a look and feel of space. Limestone is an excellent choice for this look, and you can opt for either an antiqued or slightly polished finish, depending on the overall effect you're trying to achieve.

Alternatively, for something a little different, how about choosing a wonderfully contemporary silver slate? Although these grey-toned stone tiles are very modern, you can mix and match this natural stone with retro furniture for a very hip feel.


Modern Utility

The trend for rustic, slightly imperfect natural stone continues, but with a contemporary twist: modern utility takes its inspiration from natural finishes and organic materials for a timeless look, but mixed with modern units and furniture, such as a high gloss fitted kitchen, for example. A modern vintage look can be achieved with the autumnal shades of slat. Remember that you can buy beautiful, bespoke modern kitchens from Park Street Interiors, our colleagues within the Art of Living triangle.

Large scale and lovely

Travertine stone flooring is one of our most popular types of natural stone here at the Stone Gallery. Recently, trends have moved towards large format tiles and away from smaller or mosaic tiles. The benefit of large format stone tiles is the fact that they will make your room appear bigger, and there is less maintenance as less grout is required. Our large scale 610mm x 406mm tiles will give any room a luxurious feel, and their neutral tones and outsized form means that any colour scheme or décor, no matter how intricate, can be used in conjunction with the stone tiles.

Stunningly striking

If you want your stone flooring to stand out from the crowd, don't follow the trend for pale flooring and instead buy into the opposite trend: striking, dark and glossy stone tiles. It's not a style for the faint hearted, as it is a very imposing look within any space, but equally, it's still a neutral colour upon which you can build your interior design. So why not add a little wow factor to your home? Speciality black slate can help you achieve such a look.

Get ahead of the trend: visit the Art of Living

Trends come and go in the blink of an eye, but you'll always be able to keep up with what's in fashion with a trip to the Stone Gallery. We've a variety of natural stone options within our showroom which will help you to choose something to keep your home looking its fashionable best. And, for modern interiors, why not visit Park Street Interiors, and the Ceramic Tile Warehouse, too? All three companies are located within the Art of Living, to enable you to keep ahead of the trends.

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