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Kitchen and bathroom stone flooring trends for 2016

Natural stone tiles have been used in flooring for thousands of years and their popularity continues to grow. Their stylish good looks combined with their durability makes stone flooring the perfect choice for every décor from rustic to contemporary.

The continued rise in popularity of stone flooring means that it's no longer solely the preserve of kitchens and bathrooms, but is making its allure felt across the home both inside and out, providing seamless transitions from one space to another.


Stone Flooring

As stone flooring is especially suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, we're going to look at the predicted trends for these rooms in the coming year.

The use of natural materials, that sense of 'bringing the outside in', is set to continue in both kitchens and bathrooms in 2016. The perception of being closer to nature is both calming and relaxing; stone flooring, with its understated, yet classic good looks will ensure that these hard-working rooms will soothe, as well as bringing the sense of serenity that we associate with nature.


Organic colours are set to be a key trend in 2016 and in both kitchens and bathrooms earthy neutrals, whites and greys will form a perfect colour palette to complement your stone flooring. Our highly-popular Travertine range for example has beautiful creamy undertones and the wide choice of formats spells versatility for use in stone flooring or on walls.

Today's home owners are increasingly looking to maximise the sense of flow between rooms and in 2016 this trend will continue. Treating the home as a unified space instead of a series of separate rooms means that stone flooring can make a versatile and valid contribution, adding character and timeless appeal.

Our large format limestone tile range is perfect in every setting from classic to contemporary. Subtle shade variations add interest while not interrupting the sense of flow. Some limestone tiles are suitable for outdoor use, so your kitchen stone flooring can seamlessly continue out of doors to the patio or garden, for a real 'infinity' feel.

The popularity of eco-friendly materials sits alongside these trends and stone flooring is one of the most sustainable products on the market: once installed, their low maintenance and long life means that they will weather all the wear and tear that the years will bring, while keeping their classic good looks.
 The Stone Gallery is dedicated to selling natural stone flooring and stone tiles. Every member of staff is passionate about our products and their high level of expertise guarantees first class service for every customer.

At the Stone Gallery we offer beautiful stone flooring solutions and alongside travertine and limestone we also offer marble and slate stone flooring. Each material brings its own distinctive qualities and we are confident that every customer will be able to enjoy the distinctive benefits of stone flooring in their home.

We hope that our beautiful products will inspire you to create stone flooring for your home and we look forward to meeting you in our showroom, or taking your call on 01276 691 501.

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