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Achieving a spa-inspired bathroom with stone tiles

Stone tiles are an incredibly versatile flooring option and complement many different styles of décor, providing a fantastic foundation for any room. With their timeless elegance and hardwearing qualities stone tiles make ideal floors in kitchens, dining rooms, hallways, living areas and bathrooms.

Bathrooms are no longer just functional rooms: luxurious spa-inspired bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular, as homeowners look to create a serene sanctuary where they can relax and unwind after a hectic day. Read on, to find out why stone tiles are the perfect starting point for creating a spa-style bathroom design:

Why choose stone tiles for your bathroom?

Stone tiles offer homeowners the benefit of a low maintenance floor whilst delivering an aesthetically pleasing natural texture and unique character to a space.

Stone Tiles

Stone tiles for opulent spa style

At the Stone Gallery we offer an array of natural stone tiles and flooring:

Polished marble stone tiles will add an extremely glamorous and classical look to your spa-inspired bathroom – just imagine them lining a walk-in shower or surrounding a statement roll-top bath! Travertine provides a subtly elegant look; available in a variety of formats, you might opt to play with dimensions with large format travertine stone tiles on the floor and travertine mosaics on the walls. For those seeking an earthier spa scheme, rustic slate and limestone tiles come in a vast array of neutral tones, dependent on your personal preference you could opt for pale cream and beige through to dark grey and mottled brown. Our 'Latitudes' and 'Meridien' collections encompass mosaic and split layered stone tiles – yet another option for your spa style bathroom; these tiles are suitable for feature walls and add texture and interest.

Stone tiles paired with underfloor heating

Stone tiles conduct heat efficiently, so underfloor heating systems stone flooring work well when combined with this natural floor surface. This is especially useful for ramping up the luxury-factor in a spa-style bathroom as it means that homeowners can enjoy the transition from bath or shower to cosy floor in comfort.

Add value to your home with stone tiles

Although they cannot be considered the cheapest option, stone tiles are certainly not an expensive choice either. Due to the durability and timeless popularity of stone tiles they can be considered an asset and a sound investment in your home.

Completing your spa bathroom – beyond stone tiles

Once you've made the decision of which stunning stone tiles you would like it's time to plan the rest of your bathroom:

Opt for a statement bath – perhaps a roll-top, whirlpool tub or sunken feature How about a generous walk-in steam shower with body jets, lined with stone tiles? Twin sinks are extra-luxurious, where space permits Perfect mood lighting, as well as spotlights around the mirror, will ensure that stone tiles and statement bathroom suites are welcoming

Why not pay a visit to our Art of Living sister company, Park Street Interiors – their showroom is situated next to ours and you will be able to see an inspiring display of bathrooms and suites which will complement our stone tiles perfectly.

Stone tiles and flooring to bring beauty to your home

At the Stone Gallery we have an extensive range of stunning stone tiles and stone flooring to bring nature into your home's interior, from travertine to marble and slate.

Visit our Camberley showroom or alternatively please call us on 01276 691 501 to discuss your project and requirements – we are confident that our stunning natural stone tiles will enhance your home.

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