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Natural stone: the sustainable building material of choice

With environmental issues becoming more and more important to consumers, architects and developers, all industries are needing to step up their game to show that they are doing their bit.

Natural stone does not necessarily come to mind when people think about green building materials. However, as it has a continuing life-cycle and is extremely long lasting, being able to remain in place for many decades with very little maintenance, it is actually one of most sustainable products on the market.

Here's our guide as to why natural stone should be a natural choice when it comes to responsible building solutions.


Natural Stone : Sustainable Building Materials

Reduction of toxic gases

The UK is leading the rest of the world in environmental quarrying standards with many policies and procedures being put into place to make it more environmentally friendly.

The great thing about natural stone is that it is pretty much in its finished form as soon as it comes out of the ground, so contains no pollutants. Therefore, unlike its bricks, cement or concrete counterparts, it does not need kiln firing, which pumps vast amounts of Co2 into the air.


Reducing household energy costs

There is also the thermal mass argument, another eco-friendly buzz phrase that has evolved over the last decade. Although natural stone does not work incredibly well as an insulator, the make up of the material enables it to store heat and release it slowly over a period of time.

And, when stone is exposed to direct sunlight it will absorb the heat and release it as the weather cools down, acting like a natural air conditioning unit by keeping a building warmer in cold weather and cooler when temperatures are higher.

Therefore, when it is used correctly, a wall made out of natural stone will help to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat a home, adding another dimension to natural stone's green credentials.

A lifetime of natural stone

Once stone flooring is laid and the correct sealant is applied, your natural stone floor will need very little maintenance, just a wash with a cleaning solution every now and then.

Looking after your stone flooring correctly will ensure that it lasts a lifetime, another factor that adds to natural stone's sustainable integrity, as you will not be using earth's resources to replace your stone tiles every few years.

Let the Stone Gallery help

If you are conscious of your carbon footprint and want to use natural stone in your home, whether inside or out, come and speak to the team at the Stone Gallery, who will help you to choose the right stone for your project. You can contact us here.

Don't forget that the Stone Gallery is part of The Art of Living Group, which also includes Park Street Interiors and Ceramic Tile Warehouse. This triangle of complementing companies will be able to inspire you to create a beautiful home.

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