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Eco-Friendly Decorating? Use Sustainable Natural Stone!

If you're undertaking a renovation project, and are conscious of your carbon footprint, or at least aware of sustainability, then you'll be interested to know that natural stone is one of the most sustainable building materials around. Stone tiles are therefore a great choice is you're looking to renovate your home the eco-friendly way. Here's why this natural product is a friend of nature herself:


Sustainable Natural Stone


One of the great innate qualities of natural stone is the fact that it is strong, durable and hardwearing. If looked after correctly, stone tiles will last a lifetime. This means that by choosing natural stone you are not impacting on the earth's resources and the environment every few years, as your stone tiles will stand the test of time. And, of course, this will also benefit your bank balance, too!


Advances in Stone Quarrying

With new policies put in place in many mining areas, there have been significant advances in natural stone quarrying to make it much more environmentally friendly. The energy consumed when quarrying natural stone is small compared to creating other building materials. Any unused stone can be to directly fill in the parts of the quarry where stone has been extracted from, therefore creating a complete circle of natural stone being excavated, processed and then returned to nature.


Truly Natural

As natural stone is simply taken from the ground, pretty much in its finished form, it contains no pollutants. Nor does it require kiln firing, which pumps vast amounts of CO2 into the environment, as you would get from creating products such as cement. Nature has done all of the hard work to create it in its perfect form for you!


The Stone Gallery: Providing all of your Eco-Friendly Stone Flooring Needs

If stone tiles have taken your fancy as an environmentally friendly addition to your renovation project, then look no further than the Stone Gallery. With hundreds of beautiful natural stone tiles available to create the exact stone flooring design you're after, you'll be spoilt for choice – and doing your bit for the environment at the same time.

Remember, there is also plenty of style advice available within the Art of Living Triangle: not only at The Stone Gallery, but also at the Ceramic Tile Warehouse and Park Street Interiors. All of your interior design needs can be met within the Art of Living, and natural stone from The Stone Gallery will also help you to be a sustainable renovator at the same time.

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