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Revamp your Home with Travertine

If you're thinking of revamping your home, there's nothing more stylish to give it a lift than natural stone tiles. Travertine is one of the top types of natural stone to be used within the home due to its versatility, durability and natural beauty, and its use can instantly makeover a space.

But what are the best ways to use travertine stone tiles to give your home a boost? Here are three ideas to revamp certain spaces with the use of beautiful travertine:



Travertine revamp no. 1: the bathroom

Bathrooms can be something of a challenge as the very nature of their everyday use, and the fact water and humidity is everywhere, means they often start to look less than new very quickly. Revamping your bathroom with stone flooring will help to give this space a quick makeover.

Adding travertine stone flooring to a bathroom is not as expensive a job as replacing the whole bathroom suite, but it will give you a durable, stylish floor to stand the test of time.

If, however, you do decide to upgrade your bathroom suite as well, remember to check out the beautiful bathrooms available at Park Street Interiors: our colleagues within the Art of Living group.


Travertine revamp no. 2: the kitchen

Updating your kitchen splash back will instantly give the heart of your home a lift. By their very nature, splash backs take a lot of wear and tear within the kitchen, and grout can soon become grubby and stained.

Replacing your old splash back with sealed travertine mosaic stone tiles, however, will give your kitchen a warm, rustic, yet stylish makeover instantly. You could even overlay an old kitchen countertop with travertine stone tiles. If you've got a worktop that has seen better days, why not think about revamping it in this way?

Travertine revamp no. 3: the basement and outside space

Travertine is an extremely versatile natural stone, so don't confine it to kitchens and bathrooms; it makes for an excellent infinity stone flooring by installing a travertine garden patio which continues into the house.

If you've got a basement, don't neglect this space either. A concrete floor is the perfect base for installing travertine stone flooring and by making this area more welcoming you'll have another usable space within your home.

Revamp your home with the help of Travertine and the Stone Gallery

If it's time to give your home something of a makeover, visit the Stone Gallery for everything natural stone. Travertine is one of our favourite choices of natural stone and it will instantly add luxury rustic charm to any room, but we can also happily recommend plenty of other types of natural stone tile to suit your needs.

If other areas of your home are also due an upgrade, visit the Ceramic Tile Warehouse and Park Street Interiors, also part of the Art of Living triangle. Whether you choose travertine to update your home or are looking for advice on other home makeover projects, the Art of Living can help.

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