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Devimat Underfloor Heating: Delivering a Safe Heating System for Natural Stone Floors

There's a common misconception that traditional stone flooring can be cold and unwelcoming. Fortunately, a solution is at hand in the shape of underfloor heating. When combined with a heating system such as Devimat underfloor heating, there's no need to get cold feet about stone floors, as your stone tiles will be toasty-warm - and, most importantly, safe to boot.


Devimat Underfloor Heating

The advantages of underfloor heating and stone tiles

The tone and colour of stone tiles are often naturally warm and inviting to begin with, and as natural stone is a great conductor of heat, they are excellent candidates for underfloor heating. By installing stone flooring with underfloor heating, you not only banish the issue of cold flooring underfoot, but underfloor heating is also a very easy system to install and does not take up precious wall space as a radiator would, making it a perfect solution for small spaces such as conservatories.


Devimat underfloor heating: heating stone flooring safely

Safety should be of paramount importance to any homeowner or stone flooring installer, and that's why at The Stone Gallery we stock DEVI products, which are the only underfloor heating products to comply with the new advanced BEAB Approved standard, having a maximum heating output of 100w per square metre.

It is also important, and it will be compulsory, to have a thermostat with a floor sensor installed, to ensure that the maximum temperature of the floor cannot exceed 35°C. This means that safety levels will be at their highest and DEVI products eliminate the possibility of burns or fires which can be caused by other underfloor heating products without these safety measures in place.

As DEVI products are produced for use in markets throughout the world, including the rest of Europe and the USA, they are of the very highest level in terms of safety standards and meet the new advanced BEAB approval.


The Art of Living: natural stone, underfloor heating and other interior design needs in one place

Remember that The Stone Gallery will be able to supply you with both stone tiles and Devimat underfloor heating for stone flooring. Experts are on hand to advise about both your natural stone requirements and safety regarding underfloor heating.

Don't forget that you can also fulfil other interior decor needs within the Art of Living triangle, by visiting The Ceramic Tile Warehouse for over one million in-stock tiles and Park Street Interiors for beautiful kitchens and bathrooms. Any room can be made to feel cosy and comfortable with underfloor heating provided by our experts within The Art of Living, and what's more, your floors will be safe underfoot too.

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